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Easy to create beautiful websites.

CoolWebMake, modular construction mode, you can use the PC or mobile phone, direct website creation, let you of the site at a glance. With the support of many languages, you can get the most audiences at one time.

Our products

We prepare for you a variety of website production, front-end development tools, allowing you to quickly develop cutting-edge web site.
Modular station systemDownload modules, create layers, insert modules, edit parameters, articles = words, parameters, menus and other information, access to unique modules. The editor will permanently change the module.
Mobile website systemUse your mobile phone to create your mobile site, and the effect is comparable to APP.
Code editorOnline code editor allows you to create modules or create your own front-end. You can preview the effect directly.
HTML EditorEdit HTML articles with modular, support code color, pictures and other effects.

Our characteristics

CoolWebMake, lets you easily create favorite website.

Module building

Starting from scratch, creating your website, we don't build templates, download the modules you need, edit all the attributes of the module, and you can create a unique website system. Learn more 

multi-language support

Multi language support allows you to create only once, you can have the language of the web site, convenient and practical, and our products, systems, blog and so on, support multi language. Our SEO, also optimized for multiple languages, allows spiders to access all language pages. More about multilingual support 

On demand pricing

Only based on the amount of use of your website plug-in, and not repeated pricing, so you can get the lowest price of the most perfect website. And your website will be hosted on our server, and you can sell it to the customers that you need. view help 

Have questions?

If I need an effect on a site, what if I get it?
If you need some special effects or the page, you can give us a message, we do what we can to help you complete, of course these are provided free of charge, which will help us to expand our plug-in, also thank you for your support.
I see a page on the site, how to see the layout?
Hello, at the bottom left corner of every page in this site, there is a small button. Click here to edit the page.Read More
Can I choose to build a web site from the template?
Of course, the template shows the content of the page, you can save it as a personal page, but because the plug-in is someone else, you won't be able to change the content. For you, we will let you get the plug-in in the template.
Does the plug-in need to be set up for use?
After the plugin is downloaded, it can be used directly on the page. Since the content of the original plug-in is preset, you need to adjust the text language and the parameters of the plug-in, such as changes to the picture. Then you will be able to get a different website.
How does a multilingual web site work?
Our background provides translation of plug-ins, articles, etc., and reads for the selected language. Of course, the process is pretty quick. So you just have to build a station and you can get multiple language websites, which is great for customers all over the world. Of course, translation still has some limitations, such as the content of the article, which we will solve in the future.
Why are there so many translations is Too bad on our site?
Since we don't have professional translators, all translations are done by online translation software, and we don't have anyone to check them. All translations are for demonstration only, not for reference.
How much do we charge?
On our site, Download plug-ins, production sites are free, of course, if you need to download a personal server, we will be in accordance with the amount of your plug-in for one-time charges.
How To Make My First website?
First, you have to register, then build your own site, and create a page. Download the required plug-ins, edit the page, insert the plugin, and save, so you can get your first page.