all start from scratch

Without any programming, easy to get the perfect multilingual website.

Front end site builder

Front end site builderFront end building tools, so that you create a very convenient site.

article editor

article editorThe article code editor, let you quickly write articles

Website system of mobile phone website

Mobile site building system, you can directly use mobile phones for building sites.

How to create menus

How to create menusHow to create a menu, this example will create a level menu, if you need multi-level, you can repeat this operation under the menu.

If you translate multiple languages

If you translate multiple languagesIf you modify the plugin reason, you need to save the page containing the plug-in. If you modify the entire site, so no need to save, can also modify the language of the web site, the day after maintenance convenience. If the block is empty, then click the translation button, can translate all the language.

How to modify parameters to create more suitable web pages

How to modify parameters to create more suitable web pagesYou can modify the parameters very convenient for each plug-in, click on the button parameters, you need to modify any information, including pictures, icons, text size, color, height, broadband, and so on, click save, the page can be updated directly. The modified parameters will apply globally to the plug-in on other pages, so if you need multiple different effects of the same plug-in, Download more.

Create my first page

Create my first pageStep by step to create my first page, this tutorial describes the authoring process very simply, you can try, and then download more plug-ins to create more complex content.

How to edit the pages use our web editor?

We will use pictures to introduce our site editor, because of language, we can only show you Chinese content, but through pictures, you can understand that making a page is so simple.

everything begins with "zero"

A pure HTML5 visual editor, a site creation artifact without any programming, is created from scratch, so you'll be able to create unusual professional web sites.